What We Do Best

What We
Do Best

DBE Business Development

We serveĀ as Business Developers for Diverse Business Enterprise (DBE) clients. We leverage our strong relationships with corporations and government agencies to connect them with our pre-qualified DBE clients, who are in search of fulfilling the requests of specified trades, products, and/or services.

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BusinessĀ Coaching

We are dedicated to providing transformative business coaching to Diverse Suppliers, guiding them from discovery to profitability, and ultimately to succession. Our coaches actively engage with your business, offering innovative solutions and proven best practices to drive your team towards success and victory.

Our Programs

Culturally Relevant Translations

Culturally relevant translations involve careful consideration of the target audienceā€™s cultural nuances and context to establish effective communication. It is essential to communicate accurately with people from different backgrounds, and that is where we come in.

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Corporate SolutionsĀ 

We serve corporations and government agencies in need of design, implementation and growth of their supplier diversity programs and their pools of pre-qualified diverse business enterprises (DBEs) for their projects.

We provide team development and executive diversity trainings to enhance internalĀ & external communications.

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Diversity Ecosystem

A series of exclusive, one day invitation-only, in-person events across the United States that bring together thought leaders interested in accelerating supplier and workplace diversity outcomes in the construction industry, while also developing next generation leaders.

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