About Us

A&P International is a transformational business development and consulting Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), that Serves the Global Supplier Diversity Community.

We assess and develop Diverse Suppliers through 1-1 and group business coaching and equip them to become pre-qualified providers of products and services for our corporate and government clients, to whom we offer supplier diversity solutions.

Meet Your Team

About Us

A&P International is a transformational business development and consulting Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), that Serves the Global Supplier Diversity Community.


Our Core Team

Ana Maria Quintero Lowry

President & CEO

Ana Maria Quintero Lowry is a leading expert in supplier diversity coaching and training with more than 40 years of experience. She is devoted to the engagement of people from various cultures and backgrounds. Her knowledge in sales and business development has yielded her clients their highest closing ratios; an immediate return on their investment.

Mrs. Lowry is a Colombian native, has traveled around the world, and proven her ability by coaching and training some of the most recognized corporations and entrepreneurs. She received her Juris Doctorate and Masters Degree in International Trade in Colombia in 1982. 

Ana Maria is author of many recognized pieces of literature; including, Cross-Cultural, A New Thirst for Diversity Engagement; Intercultural: Un brindis por la diversidad; and, The Maturity Stages of a Trusted Diverse Ecosystem.

Renée Lloret

VP of Operations

I have over 25 years of experience in both Business Administration and IT. My primary responsibilities are overseeing the day-to-day operations to support the growth of the company.

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Samuel Lowry

Marketing & Communications Manager

I provide intercultural marketing, administrative support, systems innovation, translations project management, and digital business development to company branding and operations.

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William A. (Tony) Lowry

CFO / Certified Trainer & Coach

I am responsible for providing insight and recommendations to both our clients and our operational team in developing growth, financial, and expansion plans for the organizations.

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Damaris Pérez

Global Connections Coordinator

My main responsibilities include building customer relationships and providing support to our global network of corporate clients, diverse suppliers, and government agencies.

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Juan Pablo Benítez

Translation Services Coordinator

My main responsibility is executing translations that are culturally relevant, captivating readers in the specified culture. By translating culturally, we broaden the audience of the author.

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Watchen Bruce

Certified Coach & Trainer / NPIM

I am a double certified Coach & Trainer from Nehemiah E-Community. I provide Diamond & SCI coaching. I have many years of experience in the banking and financial industry

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Aurora Realin 

DEI Consultant

With two decades of experience in Supplier Diversity and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), I achieve results through effective organization, management, operations, and execution.

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Glenn Repple

Financial Advisor, G.A. Repple

As Founder and President of G.A. Repple Financial Group, I provide the A&P corporation and team financial and investment recommendations and insight to maximize their potential ROI.

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Mary Ng

Cultural Strategist

I am a strategic talent development executive with proven success in building human capacity and capabilities and achieving thriving business results to enable company growth.

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Our Accolades


MBE of the Year 


MBE of the Year


Serve with Love
Nehemiah E-Community


CEO to Watch
Family Business Magazine


Coach of the Year
(Renee Lloret), NPIM


Trainer of the Year
(Tony Lowry), NPIM


Couple in Business 
Nehemiah E-Community


Impact Award
Nehemiah E-Community


CEO of the Year 
Orlando Business Journal


by Turner School of Construction Management

2017 & 2014

Woman to Watch 
Orlando Business Journal 


Volunteer of the Year 
United Way


Finalist - Don Quijote 


Small Business of the Year 
Beacon Network