Corporate Solutions

Elevate your corporation with simplifying DBE pre-qualification, dynamic and enriching team trainings, and nurturing a diverse ecosystem for unmatched growth and inclusivity.

Available Team Trainings

Corporate Solutions

Elevate your corporation with simplifying DBE pre-qualification, dynamic and enriching team trainings, and nurturing a diverse ecosystem for unmatched growth and inclusivity.

Available Team Trainings

Pre-Qualification of Diverse Suppliers 

One of the significant challenges that corporate and public entities face in their pursuit of supplier diversity is the often limited size of their supplier diversity teams. These teams, though driven by a mission to foster inclusivity and innovation, can find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer volume of small business and diverse suppliers eager to collaborate with them. This overflow can strain resources, making it difficult to give each potential supplier the attention and evaluation they deserve, potentially overlooking valuable partnerships.

Our service directly addresses this challenge by acting as an extension of these small, yet impactful, supplier diversity teams. By streamlining the pre-qualification process, we alleviate the burden on these teams, allowing them to manage their supplier diversity efforts more effectively and efficiently. This not only ensures a thorough and fair evaluation process for all potential suppliers but also enables supplier diversity teams to focus on strategic initiatives, such as building long-term relationships with diverse suppliers, enhancing their supply chain resilience, and contributing to a more equitable and sustainable economy.

In essence, our service empowers corporate and public entities to expand their capacity to engage with a broader array of diverse suppliers without the need for expanding their internal teams. This approach not only maximizes the impact of their supplier diversity programs but also ensures that they can continue to innovate and grow in an increasingly competitive and diverse marketplace.

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Supplier Diversity Initiatives

Our programs are strategically designed to enhance your supply chain through Diversity Ecosystem Roundtables, Ecosystem Workshops, and our Mentor-Protégé Program. These initiatives are integral to our mission of creating a dynamic, diverse supplier network that not only drives innovation but also mirrors the diverse tapestry of our society.

Diversity Ecosystem Roundtables

A dynamic, collaborative forum where leaders converge to share insights, foster partnerships, and drive forward inclusivity in the supply chain.

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Diversity Ecosystem Workshops

Targeted training and development, empowering participants with the tools and knowledge to build and sustain an inclusive procurement strategy.

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Mentor Protégé Programs

Designed to forge strong partnerships, providing emerging businesses with guidance and resources from established leaders to accelerate their growth.

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Our Core Trainings

Enhance your team's performance with our tailored training programs, designed to boost collaboration, leadership, and problem-solving skills. Each session is customized to meet your organization's unique needs and goals, ensuring impactful results. Let's discuss how we can support your team's growth and success. Connect with us for a personalized conversation on crafting the perfect training solution for your organization.

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3 Lenses of

Transform into an effective leader by mastering your style through DISC profiling, adapting with Situational Leadership, and gaining comprehensive insights with 360 Multi-Rater feedback. 

360 Multi-Rater

An immersive program designed to provide leaders with comprehensive feedback from peers, subordinates, and supervisors, enabling them to enhance their leadership skills and effectiveness from all angles.


A dynamic program that equips leaders with the skills to adapt their management style to the needs of their subordinates and other team members, fostering a more flexible and responsive leadership approach.

Engaging Diversity
with DISC - Parts 1-3

Unlock the power of DISC in our impactful training program, designed to enhance your leadership, supercharge your sales, and enrich your connections and engagement with diverse communities.

Engaging Diversity
with DISC - Part 1: Leadership

Embrace leadership that excels in guiding individuals from diverse cultures, leveraging the insights of the DISC model to understand your employees and effectively lead them towards success and accomplishing goals.

Engaging Diversity
with DISC - Part 2: Sales

Elevate your sales with our DISC training program. Learn to tailor strategies, understand customer behavior, and close deals more effectively. Boost your sales performance with key DISC insights. 

Engaging Diversity with DISC - Part 3: Cultural Engagement

Learn to navigate cultural diversity, adapt communication styles, and build stronger relationships with a diverse communities. This program empowers you to have more effective, meaningful interactions.


Learn why mere satisfaction isn't enough and how to deepen connections with your customers, turning them into loyal advocates for your business to generate sustainable growth.


Equip your team to navigate cultural differences and build stronger international relationships. Discover practical strategies for overcoming barriers and adapting to succeed in a multicultural business environment.


Participants will engage in interactive activities and discussions designed to strengthen interpersonal relationships, communication, collaboration, boost morale, and drive collective success.


Through practical exercises and expert guidance, participants will learn how to reduce stress, maximize their time, and create a balanced approach to meet their goals with ease.

& Destiny

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and purpose. Through reflective exercises and insightful discussions, participants will emerge with a clearer vision of their identity and destiny.

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