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Entrevista a A&P en La Prensa
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10 Benefits of digital marketing for small businesses
March 22, 2019
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The most efficient types of business coaching programs – Part II

most efficient types of business coaching

One of our business management consulting services, here at A&P International, covers everything you need to know about corporate coaching. We will continue the list covered in a previous article about the most efficient types of business coaching programs for companies. Let’s continue!

7. Interdisciplinary training

Many companies have different areas, with professionals from various fields who often do not communicate on a day-to-day basis. To reduce this distance between the areas, the goal is to bet on a type of interdisciplinary training. The interaction between the professionals will make them know other points of view, realize the ramifications of their work, and think together about the best way to deal with the challenges faced within the organization.

8. Recycling courses

An intense work routine can cause that some knowledge is lost, mainly more technical, theoretical or those involved in bureaucracies. Implementing a recycling course within your company serves to update employees by providing the necessary tools to review what they already know and improve their skills. Recycling courses can be developed to remember important practices and issues and qualify professionals according to the best market trends.

9. Workshops

Conducting workshops or conferences is a popular practice that most companies have been executing for some years now. Normally, they are short training courses with a specific focus, taught by people with in-depth knowledge of an issue. It is common for companies to prepare this type of training on special occasions or to deal with issues involving a greater number of employees. The workshops can also be face-to-face or online, have certification for the participants, and serve as an excellent space for personal and professional growth.

10. Training in partnership with educational institutions

The business training recognition has led many organizations to seek educational institutions’ support to offer their internal training. In this case, strategic courses are created and designed specifically for employees or managers of a certain company. The objective is to offer the necessary training for the work realization using the resources of an educational tool already consolidated and experienced. With the educational institutions support, it is easier to build an appropriate structure for learning and developing the desired competencies.

11. Knowledge management

Many organizations have invested in the creation of a knowledge management system. This practice aims to organize the use of all the company’s knowledge to improve the results and acquire a competitive advantage. For this, it is necessary to invest in the creation of spaces for dialogues between people, such as regular meetings with employees from different areas. Another possibility is the construction of environments and tools that encourage people to share what they know; this can be through social networks, panels, and internal events, for example. The important thing is that the company allows and encourages employees to exchange knowledge within the work environment, which can happen even in brief moments of interaction, during a snack or conversation in the hall.

12. Role exchange

The role exchange consists of having the employees learn and perform other functions for a determined period. This practice allows people to understand how all work stages function and identify the impacts of their actions on the product or final result. In addition, this is one of the types of training that encourages teamwork within the company and the knowledge and experiences exchange among workers.

In this text, you have seen several types of corporate coaching or training ready to be applied to your company, in order to have a trained and motivated team to bring the best results. Are you interested in the matter, but still do not know where to start? Do not miss our posts with everything you need to know to implement this type of training in your company! Feel free to contact us for more info.