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Pablo Rendic Olivieri – Imagination Developer

Pablo Rendic Olivieri is Digital artist. In his role as a digital artist, he is responsible for helping clients analyze the most effective way to deliver their message by creating a marketing plan that strategically maximizes ROI. He designs and develops websites, digital media marketing campaigns, (including social media, SEO, pay per click, ads and much more) mobile-friendly websites, graphic design projects, online communications, videos stories and TV commercials about your company.

He is an experienced videographer, photographer and graphic artist with a background in film, television, and theater. Rendic Olivieri graduated from Full Sail University in Orlando with an associates degree in Graphic Design and a Bachelor’s in Film.

Currently, Pablo Rendic Olivieri is the proud owner of Imagine Digital eXpressions Inc. where he and his team of experts help companies to achieve their full potential with all their marketing needs.


Experienced digital media designer with extensive knowledge of storytelling utilizing different media avenues such as website creation, graphic design, video creation, animation, social media, video, and graphics compression for all different media outlets. Results-oriented professional with more than 7 years of progressive accomplishments in marketing and film and te


When building a skyscraper make sure you build a foundation that will be able to support it.


I never lose focus of the end result but I make sure that every brick build is essential to exceed your expectations.