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October 2, 2018
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December 3, 2018
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Leadership values on executive business coaching

Leadership values - A&P International

One of the most desirable competencies in the Leadership values is the ability to transform people into responsible, self-motivated, and open collaborators. This is precisely what executive business coaching pursues: defined as a methodology that achieves the maximum professional and personal development of people leading to a profound transformation, generating changes in perspective, increased commitment, and responsibility, which translates into better results.

In organizational areas, executive coaching is strengthened as a powerful tool that enhances leadership, facilitates performance and accompanies training and coaching processes to ensure the effective acquisition of skills and results out of the ordinary. Among the benefits obtained from its application can be mentioned:

  • Performance and productivity improvement. It helps individuals and teams put their best in the tasks they perform.
  • People development. It provides managers with an effective way to facilitate the development and retention of talent day by day enhancing individual capacity which ultimately affects collective achievement.
  • Learning improvement. It favors learning without loss of time and without doing the usual tasks in the workplace.
  • Relationships improvement. It allows to generate relations of trust between the members of the organization, also facilitates the communication.
  • Improvement of life quality at work. Respect for values ​​such as humility, authenticity, responsibility, collaboration, and trust, has a direct impact on the wellbeing of people, which gives them a way to experience a feeling of commitment to the organization and to be oriented towards the achievement of their work objectives.
  • More creativity. The executive coaching environment, characterized by an attitude of learning and dialogue, encourages the discovery of creative alternatives to produce greater results.
  • Better use of skills and resources. The behaviors of those who pursue their improvement objectives are promoted and valued using all the available resources, putting into action the maximum of their abilities.
  • Quicker and more effective responses to emergency situations. Within the learning atmosphere promoted by executive coaching, the initiative is a priority, which allows people to be able to take initiatives without emergency or unforeseen situations without having to wait for authorizations.
  • Greater flexibility and adaptability to change. The very essence of coaching is steeped in the spirit of change and responsibility that continuously seeks new strategies to obtain better results.

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