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International Business Advisors, why hire them?

International Business Advisors - A&P International

One of the biggest challenges of international business is to know when and how to contact an International Business Advisors. In this blog, we deal with this issue that sooner or later all companies, whether are exporting or not, need to consider. If you do not have experience in internationalization, everything is usually hard.

Generally, there is a psychological barrier that prevents us from opening the doors of our company and telling a stranger our problems and weaknesses. But, in a way, it is like when we go to the doctor, or, in business terms, when we go to our tax advisor. It is very rare when a company does not have one, and his job is to reduce your tax burden and improve your economic results.

First of all, International Business Advisors are not sellers. For example, they are necessary to detect problems in the commercialization of our products, to suggest new markets to expand, to help us elaborate an agenda of work with potential customers, to find out the most profitable way to import or export our products, etc…

But what is really an International Business Advisor?

An International Business Advisor is a person, a company or an agent specialized in international markets, generally the most emerging ones of the moment, capable of advising businesses to successfully enter the foreign economies.

Their function is double since they act as a bridge between the company and the potential clients abroad. On the one hand, they provide support to the company in everything related to products import or export; but, on the other hand, they come into direct contact with potential clients and help them to know the benefits that the company’s products or services may have for them.

An International Business Advisor develops, in collaboration with the company, a plan of action in foreign markets, informing where to sell the products or services more quickly and effectively.

Why hire an International Business Advisor?

When it comes to selling in foreign markets, you must be very aware of the legislation of the country in whose market you want to enter, something that can be especially complex, and that International Business Advisors dominate completely.

They are experts in the commercial legislation of different countries, which allows the internationalization process to be developed more quickly and without legal problems.

In most of the companies that have International Business Advisors, they have the advantage of having specialized personnel who know the culture of other countries, making the negotiations flow more naturally.

Still not sure about this matter? Please, contact us and let us know your questions. We will help you find the best solution for your business.