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Challenges of international business: how to manage a project?
November 23, 2017
How to become an executive coach – Part II
January 21, 2018
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How to become an executive coach – Part I

How to become an executive coach

People often contact us to ask an important question: how to become an executive coach? And
from the conversations with all of them, with colleagues, and thanks to our extensive experience
and preparation, we have reached some conclusions about what the profile of an excellent
executive coach should be, someone who can become very competent and who can bring
enormous value to his clients.

Corporate coaching is an arduous and challenging process that demands qualification and
experience in diverse and complex disciplines or areas. Being an executive coach is not something
that is achieved by doing any training. Training is necessary, of course, but it must be of quality.
Training is essential for any profession you want to master. It is not just about doing an initial
course, it is necessary that you complement what you are studying, that is, that you never stop

At A&P International cross-cultural business solutions, experts in business management consulting
services, we have all those tools available for our clients. That is why we decided to prepare an
article that will prepare them to start in the right direction. However, summarizing all the content
in a single article is almost impossible. For that reason, we decided to divide all the information
into three parts. In this first part, you will first see what an executive coach is.

What is executive coaching?

We define it as an experiential process of development and transformation of a leader, which
builds both his character and his skills and abilities to achieve extraordinary short and long-term
goals. This process based on trust and mutual respect is conducted through one-on-one
interactions and is guided by data and knowledge obtained from multiple perspectives. In this
process, an organization (the sponsor), a manager (the client), and an executive coach work in a
coordinated and associated way to achieve a positive and remarkable impact for all parties.

We talk about transformation because the objective of the process is to challenge and question
the mental or logical model of the client’s action, his mindset, to allow him to develop a more
advanced or evolved perspective with respect to his role as a leader. This new mental or logical
action model allows the client to access a dimension of his leadership, radically more impactful
and effective.

In any business organization or institution, it is common for several situations of labor
confrontation to arise that can have an impact on the performance of the personnel. Faced with
this type of questions, most of the time the help of an expert is required to facilitate the deal with
the workers and avoid complications among colleagues. Therefore, corporate coaching exists. A
corporate coach is responsible for keeping the staff of a company trained. His objective is to create
a stable environment, where the workers feel optimal to perform the activities.

In the opinion of Pierre Blanc-Sahnoun, psychotherapist and expert in cognitive behavior, a good
coach is one who has had the experience of being in different business positions, so he knows how
to act in the face of the needs or problems that may arise.

Keep reading the other parts to deepen in this regard. Remember that there are many factors
involving the challenges of corporate coaching. At A&P International cross-cultural business
solutions, professionals in business management consulting services, we want to help you. If you
have any doubt or comment, please, contact us!