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October 31, 2018
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Characteristics of CEO coaching

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One of our executive coaching programs here at A&P International covers everything you need to know about CEO Coaching. This time we decided to create an article about the most important characteristics that a leader should have in terms of coaching.

Leaders are not born; they are made. Being a leader requires training, qualification, and the development of specific skills that help us lead teams towards common goals and achieve good management of resources. Coaching is one of the most used tools in recent years to acquire these skills. Although initially applied to the sports, it soon became clear that their methods, mainly executive training courses, also had a place in the business sector, for which numerous approaches were designed. One of them is specifically aimed at business leaders, especially those in executive positions or with greater responsibility and hierarchy.

What is Leadership Coaching?

In the beginning, coaching as a methodology sought to increase the productivity and performance of sports teams. To do this, it focused to define the different roles of its members, improve the relationships and dynamics that were generated between them, and clarify their common objectives.

However, with the passage of time, it was necessary to design an approach aimed at the people in charge of leading such teams, that is, those responsible for the working groups. This is what is known as leadership coaching.

The CEO Coach and its key competencies

A manager is not solely responsible for managing the company in one or several areas. Currently, he is called to be the executive leader of a team and his skills as such must be up to the task. We can say that CEO Coach as a professional profile has replaced the traditional executive director.

Characteristics of Leadership Coaching

The objective was clear: before thinking about strengthening the teams, the leaders had to be trained to lead them towards the achievement of common goals. The new approach is based on five basic pillars:

  • Acquisition of leadership competencies, such as everything related to the management of resources, teams, human talent, execution deadlines, and, above all, decision-making.
  • Improve the leader’s training processes. The process of training and learning is made much easier thanks to the accompaniment of a specialist in leadership: the coach.
  • Self-knowledge. The leadership approach delves into the talents, virtues, and skills that leaders cannot develop on their own or have simply not discovered.
  • Freedom of action and thought. The training of executive leaders depends largely on the elimination of mental barriers that prevent the emergence and development of new ideas and the opening to management models consistent with the context of the 21st century.
  • Transformative action. This model of coaching is not limited to preparing professionals for good management. What they are basically looking for are people with a long-term vision and transformative action at all levels.