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6 tips to boost leadership values in your organization

leadership values

To promote leadership values in your organization is vital to achieve great financial performance, to improve the quality of products and services and to manage human talent. Today there are many tools to diagnose which are the members of the work team that over time can assume the leadership training positions in the different departments of the company.

The use of Big Data, development, confidence in the team and interaction with current leaders, among others, are the best ways to promote leadership.

Big Data:

The large amount of data available in organizations currently allows identifying the right employees to lead the projects in the different areas. The evaluations of performance, labor competencies, and the management of KPIs show results that can be crossed to find the right collaborators to promote new projects.

Professional skills are not the only ones necessary to guarantee the success of new leaders, emotional intelligence, and organizational skills are essential to generate credibility, trust, and support in the team that will be in charge.

Leadership training:

One of the most effective ways to encourage future leaders is to provide them with the necessary leadership training. This means offering face-to-face courses or webinars to consolidate their leadership development and competencies and create a follow-up mechanism to verify the progress and needs of the participants during their training process.

New challenges:

Give your leaders prospects the opportunity to take on new challenges by assigning some unknown tasks to them. This is an effective way to push them and test their skills. It does not matter if they do not fulfill their task with the expected success, the idea is that they learn from their new experience and cultivate their skills so that they gain confidence and increase their commitment to the company.

Interaction with leaders:

A greater interaction of the prospects with the current leaders of the company is a great contribution to their training process. Holding meetings among them to discuss issues related to leadership and closely observe how they act and make decisions serves to identify their mistakes, shortcomings, strengths, motivation, and improvement day by day.

Team knowledge:

Knowing the whole team is vital for someone who aspires to occupy a leadership position within the organization. Successful leaders must be able to locate their peers who can help them develop certain projects. Encourage your prospects to communicate with department employees different from yours and start creating a network of work for the future.


Give your prospects some greater responsibility than they currently have. For example, choose a small project and hold accountable a collaborator where you have identified leadership skills. This new task will make them feel motivated to make decisions on their own, knowing that the success or failure of the project depends on them. While employees are being encouraged to assume early leadership positions, it is necessary to provide adequate support so that they can successfully complete their new tasks.

The evaluation and monitoring of labor competencies and goals is key to delivering the feedback that will consolidate the leadership values of its employees. Cheer up, trust your team, the future leaders of your organization may be closer to what you believe!