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10 Benefits of digital marketing for small businesses

10 Benefits of digital marketing for small businesses - A&P International

If you have a small business and still believe that digital marketing is not a big deal, check again! Traditional marketing has lost power in a world where multichannel marketing has increased by more than 170%.

Up to 72% of consumers have already connected with brands through different social networks and digital marketing strategies. But an interesting fact that stands out is that small and medium businesses are still skeptical to try digital marketing.

Contrary to what many entrepreneurs and small business services owners think, digital marketing is not complicated. Many companies have already seen the results, but if you still are not convinced, we give you these 10 benefits to consider:


1- Digital marketing connects you with your consumers and users:

Say goodbye to the yellow pages, today all the information is available on the internet. Your users and consumers can access information about your product or service whenever they want. Nowadays, more than 80% of people use the internet to search for information.


2- Digital marketing generates higher conversion rates:

Through the different digital channels, you can reach your target audience in a more efficient way, generate faster prospects and have higher ROI rates than other channels, mainly because you can measure all the interactions and improve your strategies.


3- Digital marketing saves you money:

Various articles on digital marketing costs describe how owners and entrepreneurs of small businesses report considerable savings from their digital efforts.


4- Digital marketing enables customer service in real time:

This opportunity to be able to respond and help your clients in real time is going to have a great impact on the results of your business. The internet enables immediate communications that will provide great satisfaction to your customers and users if they have doubts, inconveniences or just want to communicate with you.


5- Digital marketing connects you with the mobile consumer:

Digital marketing allows you to enter this huge market. Mobile marketing generates up to 34% of organic traffic. Mobile technology also influences the behavior of these consumers.


6- Digital marketing brings greater profits:

A person needs at least six points of contact with a brand or product to convince themselves to buy it. It is easier for this to happen digitally. When it happens, customers spend up to four times more, compared to others who have not had all the necessary interaction points.


7- Digital marketing brings more return on investment in your campaigns:

In a HubSpot report, it was confirmed that digital marketing generates a better cost-per-lead cost than traditional marketing channels and telemarketing.


8- Digital marketing keeps you on par with your competitors:

Many companies are investing more in digital marketing, using various channels such as SEO, SEM, email, and content to be more relevant in the market and position themselves better. This allows them to compete with larger companies and enter new markets easily.


9- Digital marketing allows you to compete with large companies:

Just as it allows you to keep up with your competition, it also allows you to strive with bigger ones by applying successful content and distribution strategies and fully understanding your users and potential market. You do not necessarily have to invest more to compete with them, it is about doing it intelligently.


10- Digital marketing prepares you for the Internet of Things:

By the year 2020, there will be four times more devices connected to the Internet than people on the planet. All this network of interconnected technology is called the Internet of Things. Dedicating time to learn digital marketing introduces you to the world of the internet (of things) because you must use a lot of technology, be aware of the latest trends, and connect with opinion leaders in your industry.